Wednesday, May 4, 2011

PICNIC!! Part 1

The PVPC annual picnic was last Saturday. I've never seen so many Pekingese in one place. There were more Pekes than people! Above are two of our newest fosters-- Gizmo (to be called something else, since we have so many Gizmos!) and Toby.

This is Missy-- she had pink ear tips when she came into rescue. She is really a daddy's girl! Boy, does she love her daddy.

Every dog at the picnic was giving a toy. Sallie's grandchildren helped with this. I didn't get their pictures, but they were wonderful helpers! We hope they come back next year.

The dogs enjoyed their toys-- but they also had some of their own, like Lacy, who brought her own special toy.

Jimmie Cocoa did not want to be my friend that day, but I still got his picture. :-) HI, JIMMIE!

Here are Cinnamon and Joshua. I fostered Joshua and considered keeping him. My Scooter and Joshua were great friends. His parents are wonderful and stay in touch with me-- I love that!

I think this little one's name is Lady Vixen. Her markings are stunning! She really caught my eye.

And here is Ciara-- she was trying to help me take the picture! It meant I didn't get a good picture of her. She was in a shelter and I referred one of our applicants to go see her-- and they adopted her, which meant she went right to a home instead of coming into rescue first. They might want to adopt a friend for her!

Here is Wiley-- he was a real mess when he came into rescue, thin, not much hair, a sad looking boy. You can't even tell that this is the same dog! His parents have done an absolutely incredible job with him. (They were also one of the couple who won our "unsung hero" award at the picnic, as they now foster for us.)

Dian, our treasurer, has some beautiful Pekes-- and a Corgi and a Red Setter named Liam. (I'll do more on Liam in another blog.)

Here are her three Pekes-- they are so well trained and just adorable.

I'll do another blog tomorrow with more picnic pictures. If you weren't there, I hope you can come next year!!


lady jicky said...

What a fabulous Peke Picnic Linda!!
How I wish I was there and I can only imagine how wonderful it must be for you to see all the peke's you have saved over the years. They are all beautiful and I can't wait for Part Two!!!

Unknown said...

The photos are just great!!! I wish I had been there.....:-( I should have just donated the certificate and not gone to the BARCS event..... I want a do-over!!!! Now I have to wait another year!!!!


emilyp said...

Yay pictures!! I love them! All the Pekes look great and I'm so glad that you get to stay connected with the former fosters:)

Cris said...

I think I will have to tell Zach & Jazzy that the internet is down so they can not read your blog today!!! So that they...or shall I say Zach won't start pouting again about not being able to attend the picnic and socialize with all the pekes!!!! I love these pics and can't wait to see more!

Karin said...

Looks like another great picnic filled with fun and friends. The pekes are all so beautiful and it must be a wonderful feeling to know you've been instrumental in their happiness, Linda.

Nicky said...

Just adorable! The little trio is so cute too!