Saturday, June 18, 2011


My daughter asked me to take care of the three Bits and her three dogs while they went to the Skyline Drive. Sure, bring them on! (I used the title from a book I read about a grandparents' home when the kids come-- I thought it fit!)

This was her view this morning-- stunning. I think I'll go there next.

But, the dogs and kids at my house didn't have the same view-- they just saw a lot of dogs and a lot of kids! Lottie Moon, above, is one of their dogs and very laid back. She just found a place to rest.

And the kids and I went out to swing. Bitty Bit, Lil Bit (with her new short hair) and Beach Bit. Drill Bit was on his "bike."

Beach Bit loves all the kids here-- but his look says different haha.

Poppy (my husband) taught them all how to take the couch apart and make it a jungle gym-- thank you so much.

And Drill Bit found the crate on the deck. It was donated for transport, and I had cleaned it. He just thought it was a new toy.

Or a house--

I have eight Pekingese here and one Lab-Shepherd mix who is a gentle old girl. She's like the Nannie dog in Peter Pan, ever watchful of her kids.

Jasper is just watching the chaos from the stool. It's amazing how well ALL the dogs (even Cranberry!) are doing with four children here. Jasper keeps wagging his tail at them.

Kai Kai is in his favorite spot by one of the rockers. Look at his coat! Beautiful!

Max is by his stool-- he is usually on it to look out the window.

Wicket, one of the Bits' dogs, is used to the kids.

They enjoyed looking out the door-- there was only room for a few.

Is Jasper trying to escape? And Scooter, too? By the end of the week-end, I might be! :-)


lady jicky said...

Good Luck Linda!
I did this last weekend but .... not so many kids or dogs !

Don't you just love how Men will teach them the things you'd rather they not know! LOL

Love the name "Camp Runamuck" !!
Good Luck and keep taking the medication!!!!!!! LOL

Nicky said...

Ha, ha, ha! So funny! They are all so beautiful. So gratifying to see little Jasper in his new accommodations. He is such a beautiful little Peke! They are all adorable. Hope things at Camp Runamuck continue to run smoothly. :)

emilyp said...

LOL, definitely a perfect title! I cannot believe that is Jasper!!! Look at him! He is a new Peke:)

Karin said...

The more, the merrier! 4 kids and 9 dogs, oh my! You and your husband are pretty amazing! Glad everyone is gettting along and having a great time! That's hilarious about your husband teaching them how to reconfigure the sofa ~ Lol! "Camp Runamuck" is pretty funny too!

Jennie said...

Oh my heavens. I would need wine and chocolate! My niece and nephew will be staying with me in a couple of months. So that will be my pups (5 Pekes and 1 Chi) plus 2 kids, 2 more adults and thier dogs (1 min. schnauzer, 2 border collies). I may need advice from you on how to survive!

Take care,