Monday, June 6, 2011


Look at this cute little guy. He is being called "Peke" by the family who found him. They found him in S.E. Virginia and have had him a month- but no owner has been found. The dog had no tags, no collar, no microchip. The vet thinks he is about a year old and is probably part Pekingese.

The family who found him needs to find a home for him. Their other two dogs are not accepting this little guy and he really needs a new place to live. He is very sweet, mostly housetrained. He is VERY VERY VERY friendly and loves to be petted. They have taught him a few commands, such as sit. They also had all his shots done and are having him neutered this week. They said he's good with children and loves to play. If you can give this dog a home, please email us at


lady jicky said...

He is like a cute little polar bear! Mmmm, polar peke!

I hope someone lovely adopts this fluff !

emilyp said...

I hope he finds his new home soon!

Mary Elizabeth said...

They are paying to have shots and a spay for a stray they found? And working to find him a home? Holy heck, these people are awesome!!

Hope the little dog finds his fur-ever home soon!

Karin said...

I agree with Mary Elizabeth ~ these people are generous and kind and are giving this cute little guy a great start to a good future!

LuLu and Lolita said...

This cutie looks like he could be a Peek-A-Pom! Best wishes from Lolita to this handsome boy in finding a permanent home.