Thursday, June 16, 2011


I told you yesterday that I had my Cranberry get a puppy cut/summer cut a few years ago. You can't really tell in the pictures but her hair didn't really lay well with this cut. You know, she's such a lady (most of the time) and hair is important.

She was still a cutie.

Yoshi and Shamisen sent me their pictures, too. Yoshi, above, is so cute. He was adopted through us and joined his new best friend, Shami. I JUST HEARD TODAY WAS YOSHI'S BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOSHI.

Shami is beautiful. I see his toy-- I've had those and my dogs will never play with them. But, I bet Beach Bit would!

Here is Yoshi with his new summer cut. Can you feel the air blowing on your skin?

And Shami, you look very cool, too. I love your teeth!!

But, I have to share with you the best "summer cut" of them all. Lil Bit, my oldest grandchild (here with Beach Bit as a baby) had LONG blond hair. To her waist. She asked her mom if she could cut it and give it to Locks of Love to make wigs for cancer patients.

They had to cut a minimum of almost 11 inches off her hair. When you've had long hair your whole life, all eight years, that's a big change and a big decision.

See how long it was? I found out Jeanne, my co-director, has done this several times, too, and is in the process of growing it out again. I'm amazed! And VERY proud of them.

Here's Lil Bit almost done with her new hair cut. She has the most generous and sweet spirit-- I love you, Lil Bit and love your "summer cut!"


lady jicky said...

I think you look fabulous Lil Bit with your new cut and I am sure many people will be so happy to get a wig from your beautiful hair!

The two new summer Peke cuts are fab too!!!!

Tracey said...

While all the summer cuts are fabulous, I have to agree Lil Bit's is the best!!! What a dear soul to be so young and want to do something so generous!! I know your heart swells with pride!! I have to say, I have done this once a few years ago. It was the best feeling! Way to go Lil Bit!!

Karin said...

How sweet of Lil Bit to be so thoughtful and caring of those going through a tough time! And at such a young age! Those gorgeous locks will make some beautiful wigs! The pekes all look great in their summer cuts too! That reminds me, I need to make some appointments for my pack!

Marian Brzostek said...

Linda -- your Lil Bit is both beautiful inside and out. What a sweet gesture from such a young child. You are truly blessed.

Marian Brzostek said...

Linda -- your Lil Bit is beautiful both inside and out. What a wonderful gesture from such a young child. You are truly blessed.

Lisa_S. said...

Hi Linda, this is bit off topic, but I came across this article this morning on people foods that are good for dogs. I just though I'd pass it along.

emilyp said...

How great of your grand daughter! What a generous thing to do:)

Newman and Drizz have their summer cuts...of course the hot weather seems to have been a 2 day event here, lol. Now they are not so happy they are missing all of their fur;P