Sunday, June 12, 2011


Katrina, who is now Penny, was one of the last two dogs we got in the Bristol 18 group. She was young, but dejected and had no medical care or vaccines.

She went to a foster home in S.E. Virginia and was such a sweet girl there. She loved to play.

She now lives with Cosmo, her BEST friend. They play and romp around and just love each other. She has come a long way and her hair has grown out, her skin is healthy and she is a happy girl.

Look at her now! She came to the picnic this year and I couldn't believe how stunning she is! Thank you to all who had a hand in helping her find a brand new, loving life!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, she is beautiful!!!!

Deana said...

She is beautiful, and a true testament to the work you all do at Potomac Valley Pekingese Club. God bless you all!

Karin said...

Wow is she ever beautiful! You all do such a wonderful job of bringing out their true beauty and personality when they no longer have to struggle for survival.