Thursday, June 9, 2011


Gracie Lu read about Jasper and sent this email to me: (she also posted it on facebook) "Hi Linda, I saw that little boy on the web site and I started thinking. I do that quite often, especially if I need to get something. So, I told my Mom for her to donate some money for Jasper. But then I got an even better idea. I challenge all the Pekes out there who have rescued humans like I rescued my Mom to get their Moms to donate for Jasper. And you know what, Linda, my Mom thought that was a great idea. So we are going to put our check in the mail tomorrow and I just bet PVPR will get a lot of money cause there are lots of Pekes who have rescued their Moms and Dads. Give Starlight and Beach Bit a hug for me.
Love and slobbery kisses,
Gracie Lu" Gracie Lu, thank you!! I think this is a great idea!!!

Jasper was supposed to begin his heartworm treatment today-- but his kennel cough is not good and we are waiting until he is completely well from that. Then, we will begin his heartworm treatment-- and after that, all the surgery he needs will be done. He'll be in foster care at least 3 months.

He obviously belonged to someone-- look at him on the couch. He saw the couch and jumped right on it. He is small, so it took a little effort, but once up there, he was veyr comfortable.

You all know I take care of 9 month old Beach Bit every day (can you believe he's that old!). We have all kinds of baby things here and a stroller sits by the front door. I put a dog pad underneath on the shelf, because Starlight loved to sit there. Well, Jasper has found that spot and it's now his.

He was there a long time and then decided to get off and try......

this bed! He liked that, too. If you are interested in adopting this sweet boy once he's well, be sure to fill out an application on line. He will be worth the wait!


Nicky said...

Pekes with the check book can be a good thing! Pekes helping Pekes! Jasper is just a little doll!

lady jicky said...

Kenzo and Moi Moi sent their donation yesterday and they do hope Jasper is going to start the heartworm treatment soon.

emilyp said...

I think Gracie Lu has a fantastic idea:) If the Army sends us bonus money like they are supposed to we are definitely going to send something for Jasper:) I hope his kennel cough gets better quickly so he can get rid of the heart worms!