Friday, June 3, 2011


Before I start the blog, I want to wish my sister (here with Bitty Bit) a Happy Anniversary!! She lives in Vermont and I love to visit there-- it's so beautiful and "small town" which I love. Happy Anniversary Susan and Tom!!!

Daisy and Portia were here for a visit. Daisy liked sitting on the yard chair-- she looked very comfortable there.

Daisy and Portia wandered around my yard-- Portia loved wandering all over it.

Daisy had been with me and was going to Portia's foster home to stay there. She may STAY there forever. :-)

Portia explored everything--the border grass didn't get in her way-- is that a wagon there. Yes, Portia, it is. I have grandkids, remember? :-)

Portia explored the yard, sniffing where the other dogs have been.

She sat by the gate-- are you ready to go back to your foster home with Toni. I love her little tongue-- I just love that look.

Portia isn't full Peke-- in case you didn't notice. We were give a front shot of her, and she sure looked full Peke. Now, I ask for side shots, too, just like a Mug Shot.

Portia's foster mom has a great-granddaughter. Toni is my age, which is fine for being a grandparent, but it's WAY too young to be a great grandparents-- we have others I know who must have started younger than I did. :-) I'll just call her "Blond Bit" since I don't use children's names on here.

Daisy took right to Blond Bit.

Portia is waiting for a forever home. She is VERY sweet, and loves to play with one of the other dogs in the foster home. She is not aggressive at all.

Look at that face-- who could resist?


lady jicky said...

I think Miss Portia might have pug in her Linda.

Linda said...

She sure has something else in her haha.

emilyp said...

Pug or maybe chihuahua? her face kind of has that apple faced chihuahua look to her...

Either way, both doggies are adorable!!

Karin said...

Daisy is just the most beautiful peke, and Portia is the sweetest looking peke mix!

Toni Davis said...

I love MY Daisy:) She has fit right in which is what I was waiting to see. She was very aggressive with my pack at first and I was concerned because they are so much bigger than her and won't take but so much bossing. However, she has calmed down a little and the pack has decided she is not really a threat and just look at her like she is nuts when she goes ballistic:)
Portia is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She is smart too! She plays with my Schnauzer now. They roll and roll and grumble constantly. In the beginning she would go ballistic but now she enjoys AND she is now playing with the toys. She actually goes to the toy box and gets them (I wish I could teach them to pick them up!!! I had a friend that had a little Chi mix and his name was Clay and he would bring every toy (a lot of them) out of his box and when it was time she would tell him to take his toys back to his box and he would pick up each one and put it back! It was amazing to watch!!!) Mine don't seem to understand that direction.:) Oh well. Portia is welcome at my house as long as needed. She is one sweet girl!