Friday, October 28, 2011


Tiffany, Mike and I took several of our foster dogs to Bark in the Park, in Chesapeake, Va. Emmie and Odin were checking things out. There were all kinds of dog smells there.

It was a big field, soon filled with lots of people and lots of dogs.

Mike and Tiffany brought Dinah. She can be a very relaxed girl.

I saw one of my former fosters there!! Ty-Ty was adopted by a wonderful couple near me. It was SO good to see him!

Other shelters and rescue groups were there, too. Amazing that so many dogs can be together and do just fine. Cesar Milan would be proud.

Mike was holding a little foster dog from a shelter near by.

There were things to buy and I think the dogs wanted to go shopping. I'm sure they could have used my credit card.

Dinah was showing everyone who pretty she is. And she has her special "Adopt Me" harness on.

Odin took up his station to entice people in-- he wanted to meet everyone.

And when they didn't come, he watched them go and his tail stopped wagging. SO SAD.
Emmie met Ty-Ty new brother. I think she approved!

And look who went by-- these adorable tiny Japanese Chins!! They looked like little stuffed animals.

Dr. Teague's dogs weren't at the Bark in the Park, but they were dressed up for Halloween. Nicky, Tinsley and Emma are his Kings Charles Cavaliers.

They were all set for tricks and treats.

This Schnauzer was ready for Halloween and didn't even have to wear a costume. It just stepped in orange paint haha.

Odin wants you to all be safe on Halloween. Remember, the frightening costumes and noise can cause your dog to take off. Please make sure they are secure on Halloween night so that they don't get out. Here are ways to keep your pets safe.

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lady jicky said...

I have my lollies ready for Halloween is sort of taking off in Australia.
I had one kid last year so just incase I get a few more......

Love those "adopt me" vests Linda - did you get any of your dogs adopted? I do hope so.