Sunday, October 16, 2011


This is what happens if I put toilet paper on the holder at my house. If you notice, I even have a "pet protector" on the roll, but it doesn't phase my dogs!

So, I have a hand towel there. The toilet paper is on the counter.

Zeke is visiting and he said he has nothing to do with toilet paper antics. I believe you Zeke.

Odin "Odi" is too sweet to do that-- right Odin?

I thought my dogs were "over" attacking the toilet paper, so I braved it and put it on the roll in the downstairs bathroom. And this is what I got. "Someone" dragged it out of the bathroom and through the hall into the kitchen.

Was it you, Cranberry?

Was it you, Beach Bit? No? I need to find the culprit.

"I didn't do it! I'm just playing with the blocks."

Well, someone did it.

Kai looks guilty. But, he's never gotten into these shenanigans.

I know someone has done this-- we don't have invisible toilet paper eaters here.

I suspect it was Scooterbug. And his sister, Cranberry. I caught them in the act when they found a roll upstairs. They were sitting as happy as they could be, nibbling on the TP as if it was ice cream? Why??? I have no idea! Do your dogs do this??? ;-)

(I just received this from Gracie Lu's mom: " My tissue rolls are on the counters too. Gracie Lu thinks their sole purpose is for unrolling. So far she has not eaten them or torn them just unrolled thru the bedroom, down the hall and when I saw her she had this lovely expression----Hey Mom, see what I did. Now doesn't that look better. My problem is that when friends visit, they insist on putting the TP back on the roll.
When my friend's son was small and got in trouble, he would always blame it on his friend with the long arm. So I do believe that your problem rests with Scooter's and Cranberry's friend with the long arm.
Love Jane and Gracie Lu"


lady jicky said...

Shhhhh - Kenzo and Moi Moi have never done this but .......

Kenzo loves to chew his bed and blankets - those blankets look like swiss cheese!!! Rrrrrrr

cby said...

Your fosters need to come with a warning label, Linda.
"This Pekingese may be hazardous to TP. " Caleb clearly has been instructed by a master, Scooterbug. :)

Lisa_S. said...

OH yes! I have 2 that LOOOOVVVEE to shred any paper product. Luckily they leave the TP alone, but leave a paper towel or a tissue, even a catalog with a paper coupon on the cover and it will be chewed up.

Karin said...

Never miss a trick, do they? That's the problem we run into when there is more than one "suspect" in the house, lol, don't know who to blame :)

Abra said...

My Shih Tzu, Panda, loves paper. He once even ate his homework from the class we were taking. I took pictures because how many people can really say "my dog ate his own homework!"? Hahaha!