Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tess came into rescue in spring of 2009. She came from a back yard breeder who no longer had any use for her.

She came into rescue with Scotty Butters, who now lives in New York and has a week-end home in New Jersey. :-)

Tess was eleven pounds of pure sweetness. All she wanted was to be loved. She had to be spayed and have bi-lateral inguinal hernia surgery and she did very well. She was 8-9 when we got her. In this picture, she was looking at us as if to ask, "Will you find me a home?" You bet, sweet girl!

And she is in an incredible home. She was adopted in Octo of 2009 and she has gone from a little girl that has trouble walking across a room without pain, to a "rip roaring speed demon" that is adored by her parents. She has accupuncture and it has changed her world. Her parents also adopted Teddy from us and are now adopting sweet Domino. Check out the video to see how well Tess is now doing. We are thrilled!

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lady jicky said...

Oh that Tess is such a happy girl! Loved the video !!!

* I must tell you --- I do have a "soft spot" for Scotty Butters!!