Saturday, October 8, 2011


We received a request to help this senior Pekingese from a Maryland shelter. It's harder to place senior Pekes, but we couldn't say no.

They think he's at least ten years old, but he still sees well. He doesn't hear much though. He is great with other dogs.

He went to Jeanne's house for vetting and he isn't crazy about staying in an xpen--he isn't housetrained yet (or has a bladder infection). He loved wandering in her beautiful back yard. He has a little back leg problem, but he gets around fine.

Jeanne gave him a bath and got the mats out of his fur. He went to the vet on Friday for any medical care he needs (bloodwork, etc). He is being neutered and having a much needed dental. He also has to have a biopsy done of a growth on his back end. His ears are being cleaned and treated, and he'll be on antiobics for awhile.

Jason is a sweet boy of only 12 pounds. His medical costs will be high, so if you're able to help, we have set up a chip-in for him.
If all goes well, Jason will go to his foster home on Sunday. He's a sweet boy and deserves to be helped and most of all, to be loved. We can do that!


lady jicky said...

What a dear old man!

Doris Sturm said...

Jason is adorable and I love to adopt senior pets because their chances are slim - I adopted my Weezie who is coming today from MS and she's 7 years old and my Gizzy is 14, so we have three seniors (including myself) living here ;-)

Thank you for helping Jason! He's just precious!