Monday, October 10, 2011


Phoebe came into rescue in October of 2009. She was in a shelter and not doing well. She was absolutely terrified and had a bad eye, so no one was looking at her to adopt. They just passed her by.

She came to us and stayed at my house for awhile. She was just so timid she didn't want us to touch her. She was great with the other dogs, and here she is on the ottoman with Starlight. She went to her foster home in Maryland and her foster mom fell in love with her.

She was adopted, but she wasn't doing well, so she came back to her foster mom who was so glad-- she said she wasn't going anywhere else! Phoebe has blossomed there and found her own special spot by the window. She has relaxed and loves her family. She even goes to the groomer and does fine. Look how pretty she is!

And look at her smile-- she has come so far. Is rescue worth it-- yes, every moment! Phoebe is an example of how important rescue is. Thank you to everyone who donates to help us to do this. We couldn't do it without you.

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Mmmmmm - more bows!
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