Thursday, October 20, 2011


Have you read the book, Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day? Well, that's what kind of day I had. I wanted to just curl up in the pink bed with Kai Kai. Move over, buddy!

I'm sure Zeke would have given me sympathy if he had been here. But, after visiting for 5 days, he went back to his foster mom.

Wilson would have entertained me, but he went back, too. You see, my
grandson (13 months now) didn't feel well and it was a "whiney day." If you have children or grandchildren, you know there are just days where you can't make them happy. (And today, he has to get more shots, so that isn't going to make him happy!)

Scooter did his best to keep me happy and entertained. But, when I sat down to do my blog for today, I had it all ready-- it was a long blog wtih lots of pictures. I hit "save" and guess what!" It lost it all. Oh, no! So, you will have to wait for that blog another day. Today, you just get to see some of the Pekes and then......

ME, exhausted, laying on the floor with a few Pekes. I gave up and just hit the deck. It felt pretty good down there! I had on my baggy pants, a loose top and Pekes in my arms. It helped to make it better! Tomorrow will be a better day!


lady jicky said...

You know Linda.... this is a day when a glass of champagne does alot of good!

Sending my love.

Toni Davis said...

Some days are just like that but you had the right idea. Just go with the flow and don't fight it. You look very relaxed with your furry friends:)