Thursday, June 28, 2012


You have to be introduced to my latest foster dog-- Shannon is helping me. But, for now, Annie is with me. I got Annie from a local animal control last week. She was spayed, had a dental, and had cherry eye surgery repair.A week later (yesterday), she had to have her cherry eye surgery repeated. That little stinker figured out how to get her back paw around her 12.5 e-collar and scratch her eye! She now has a 15 e-collar on-- it's way too big, makes it hard to eat or drink, but we can't do this surgery again. You can almost see the dog with the e-collar!My Max is standing next to Annie-- Max is about 17 pounds. Annie is 8.2 pounds. TINY! She is the smallest full-grown foster dog I've ever had. Max is watching her play with HIS ball. She loves this tiny tennis ball.She prances at it, put it in her mouth and I think she could learn very easily to bring it back to me. She was doing it a little a few days ago.I took her e-collar off for the pictures-- she has to wear it for two weeks. She also has kennel cough, so for now, she has her own space in the living room in an xpen. She needs to gain a little weight, but she is eating well.Look how small she is here-- and this is not a large pot. And you can see-- someone docked her tail. Horrid. She still wags her little bit of a tail though.Starlight saw her-- "Really, there's a new foster dog?""I think I'll just climb back into Beach Bit's wagon until she goes away." Starlight, I think she's going to visit a bit-- but hopefully, someone will want this tiny sweet (and totally non-aggressive) girl and you'll get to be the small one here again. :-)


lady jicky said...

What a cutie !!

What a stinker for getting to that eye like you say Linda! RRRRrrrrr

Starlight looks so pretty.

Toni Davis said...

She has such a sweet face. She will be adopted soon I am sure.

Ladylakegolfer said...

She is just precious. Can't believe her tail was docked..wish you all were closer. - Pekemom Aka Ladylakegolfer