Monday, June 18, 2012


Ted was the "resident Peke" when Grace came to live with him. He is a great big brother.He decided to try out a paper bag that was laying on the floor-- the cat there wanted to check Ted out. "What are you doing in there?"Some of mine have checked out bags when I've gone grocery shopping-- but they've never settled in like Ted.He seems very comfortable.I guess Grace didn't want to join him in a bag. When she first came to live with them, her skin and hair still needed help. She had been very neglected before she came into rescue. Her new mom continued with good care and great food and look at Grace now!Her hair is longer and thick and her skin is healthy. And she loves her new family.She has better things to do than listen to me tell how beautiful she is. :-) Or, she just wants me to see another angle. She's so beautiful!


lady jicky said...

I know why Grace did not want to go into that bag Linda!

She would be called a "Bag Lady"!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Ted and Grace are both beautiful Pekes! Looks like curiosity got the cat. Ted is a "Peke-in-a-Bag!" My Pekes have loved paper bags and boxes. Have you ever seen a Peke and two cats in the same bag? I wish I had had a camera handy!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Ted was raised by cats (& Bernese Mtn. Dogs), so he climbs cat trees and doesn't mind rain & mud. He likes to enjoy the best of both worlds! lol