Sunday, June 17, 2012


I want you to meet Chester. He's here with Blond Bit, my friend Toni's great-granddaughter. They were picking up Chester so they can foster him.Blond Bit is SO good with the dogs. She's four years old now. Is that right, Toni?Chester was at a shelter in Richmond, and no one came for him. No one adopted him. He is ten pounds, SWEET, appears to be housetrained, has already learned the doggy door, loves everyone and all the dogs. He has everything-- except sight. We are taking him to an opthalmologist on Tuesday to see if anything can be done for his eyes. Dogs don't miss their sight like people do, and they can do amazingly well without vision. But, we still want to see if we can help him. Look for an update soon. This is one sweet dog-- whoever adopts him will be very lucky!


lady jicky said...

They will be so lucky to have such a lovely dog PLUS the only Peke in the world with STANDING UP EARS!!!


Essie said...

Im in LOVE!!!!
What a sweetie pie.

Toni Davis said...

This is one amazing guy! He is so fascinating to watch. Nothing stands in his way! I can't wait until he is neutered though:)

Toni Davis said...

By the way, Chester answers to the name Gizmo! Ya think! My daughter dog sat for me yesterday while I worked cause I didn't want to leave him alone all day so she kept blonde bit and Chester. She called him Gizmo and he turned right around and came to her. In time he will figure out he is now Chester:)

Linda said...

It doesn't surprise me-- half the dogs we get are named Gizmo, so we have to give them new names. Otherwise, we would never keep our vet records straight.