Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 This little one's owner died.   She was her therapy dog-- she didn't have official training, but she gave her mom comfort and love.  
 When her mom died, her dad moved to a place that wouldn't allow dogs-- and Baby Girl ended up in a shelter.
 She is in foster care now and is very sweet.   She's ten years old, so she has a lot of years left for loving.
 She was given a nice grooming and hair trim.
 She thought it was all fun!
We will have all her medical updated and she will be ready for a forever home.    Please consider adopting an older dog-- we have several who are ready to give a lot of love.   

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lady jicky said...

Miss Baby Girl is so sweet!

I am doing an Adoption Dance for this little one who must miss her family ... so very sad.