Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 We had a Peke meeting on Sunday at Jeanne's house in Richmond.   It was a beautiful day and we all had lunch and the meeting outside, Pekes, food, fun, friends.  Martha, Valerie, Eve, and Fiona were enjoying the day.
 Marian was ready to take notes, and the rest of us were chatting.
 Jeanne told us all about the auction that just raised over $5,000 for rescue!   GO, JEANNE!
 Lucy and Koko were there-- mooching melon off Tiffany.  YUM.
 Koko realized there were chickens there- she tried to protect us all!
 Biscuit was there with his mom.   He was adopted in June and has stolen his mom's heart!
 I LOVE Jeanne's yard-- so festive and just plain fun to be in.   Don't you want to just take a seat here and relax a bit?
 Koko decided to sit in front of the fan and let it ruffle her feathes.
 Onslow was there with his sisters, Desi and Wanda.
 Koko found the Koi pond-- she tried to get their cheerios!
Stay back girl!    We had a great time at the meeting!   We'll have another in September when it cools off.   Thanks to all for coming!  We accomplished a lot!


lady jicky said...

Well done to raise that much money!!!!

Everyone looks cool and having a great time in that lovely garden ... Peke's look like they are having the best time too :)

MaFia@4YPK said...

Sounds and looks like fun! Sorry I couldn't be there! Maybe next meeting!

And way to go for raising that amount of $$$!