Monday, June 30, 2014


 Lexie is back home, and will see the vet this morning.   Let's pray for good results.   She is resting in her pink bed and doing okay.    She is REALLY wondering why all these dogs are here!
 You see, my daughters BOTH went on vacation at the same time-- and I love my daughters.   So, I help with their dogs.    Maddie is here and a very busy, energetic Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy.   She is about 60 pounds of fun at 6 months old.
 Rammi Ju is having a blast with Maddie-- they love to play chase.   Rammi is available for adoption!
Koko is fine with whoever is here.    She does like to boss Maddie around! (She is also a foster dog.)
 Pi-Pi (Sweetie-Pi) is 12 years old, a Shepherd lab mix.  She is the best dog I've ever known.   Love having her here.
 Yes, we see you Maddie-- you're waiting for me to throw your ball.
 Lottie is 14, a Peke who was only supposed to live until she was 5 because of back issues.    She fooled them!   She is having her Marilyn Monroe scene here (at her home) by sitting on a vent.
 She doesn't hear well or see well, and she has mobility issues, but she is still a sweet girl.    My Cranberry thought Lottie was her mom and just wiggled to pieces when Lottie came to visit-- it was so cute.
 And this is Leo-- it's my daughter's 8 year old black lab who lives down the street.   They had a pet sitter for Leo and Pandy (their 14 year old Peke mix).   Well, somehow Leo got out, and RAN down the street, 1/2 mile, straight to my gate!    There were people following him, trying to catch him, the pet sitter was a wreck, and somehow Leo found his way to our house.   He doesn't come here often because he doesn't like all the small dogs.  I just happened to be in the back yard when he showed up at the gate!    WOW.    He is fine now, and extra precautions have been taken to make sure he doesn't escape again-- Maybe he just wanted to check on his Maddie.
 Max is fine with the others, as long as they don't take his toys.
 Where is Beach Bit?  He's in Georgia, visiting grandparents-- no Bits at this Camp Runamuck!
 Kai Kai just grumbles sometimes at the rest of them.  He likes quiet!
And Starlight just hides out.   She is over all this chaos, even though she is so good about it.    Don't worry, girl, this is only a "camp"-- they'll go home soon!

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lady jicky said...

Its Dog Runamuck !!!!

Oh that Starlight is so pretty!