Thursday, June 12, 2014


 There are things that most of us know about dogs and pet ownership.  But, it never hurts to be reminded of how we need to treat and care for our pets.    Carter and Gus are all for me doing a "refresher" blog.    (All of these  come from a link I posted at the end of this blog.  
 1.  Don't ignore me too long.      Dogs really miss us  when we're gone.   So, make sure they are comfortable, with toys, water and a comfy bed.    I'm not for crating-- I like to use xpens or baby-gates if I need to limit space.
2.   Take your pet to places so they can meet other people and pets.    It will make them more well-rounded and more socialized.   I have too many to take them all to places, but a lot of people come to my home so they have a social experience beyond just me.
 3.  If you get a new family member (like a baby), don't get rid of your dog.   They are part of the family, too.
 4.   Don't get mad  if your pet jumps on you-- they are probably so excited to see you.    Just take time to train them to greet  you in other ways.  
5. Teach them-- tricks, manners, interacting with others.    They can be  really good dogs if you just take time to help them.
 6.  Try not to get frustrated with your pet-- they don't always understand what you are saying and they really want to please you.    We also need to take time to figure out what they are saying to us.
 7.   Don't let your stress rule how you treat your pet-- if you are stressed, just hug them and let them help you to relax.
 8.   If your pet is scared, comfort them and help them to know they are safe.   New things, thunder, loud noises can all terrify a pet, but you can be the one to show them they are okay.
 9.   We are all busy-- but we need to give time to our pets.  Maybe that means less time on your phone or computer.   The time is there.
 10.   Pets  should not be outside dogs.    And if it's too hot or cold, even a short time outside can be too much.   Take care of them.
 11.   They need to be cared for-- nail trims, brushing, baths, teeth cleaning, vaccines.   All this is part of caring for and loving your pet.    
 12.   Trust them-- your pet loves you with all their heart, so trust them with your heart.
13.   Don't get angry with your pet-- I know if they have an accident, it can mean you have to clean it.   If they knock something over (your morning coffee), they aren't doing it on purpose.    
 14.   Talk to your pet-- yep, chat with them.  They will love it!
 15.   ALWAYS treat your pet with kindness.   In fact, you should treat people that way, too.
 16.  Never never hit your pet.    We take too many into rescue who have been abused, and it's hard to overcome that kind of treatment.
 17.  Give your pet treats for fun-- when they do something well, or just "because."   They love treats-- a few a day will show them they are special.  (Mine love mini-carrots!)
18.  If your pet isn't actually normal, there's a reason.   Find out what it is.   They don't have the verbal skills to tell you.
19.   Take care of your pet when they are older-- this is not the time to look for a new pet and give up an old one.   I love the seniors and they still have so much to give.   (I wish more people would adopt older ones, they deserve it.) 
20.    And last, when that last difficult decision has to be made-- if you have to decide that your pet needs to leave this world, hold them while you let them go.   It's scary and having you will make his last moments better-- it will make yours better, too, knowing you were there to the end.    It's hard but after a life of love, we can send them on that way know they are loved.    


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lady jicky said...

All great points and .... the last one made me cry too Linda.