Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Domino came into rescue in 2011.    He was fostered in Maryland and we had a request to send a hard to adopt dog to Kay and Claretta.   One came to mind right away. 
Domino was a young dog, who was given to us by his owner in Maryland.  This boy had obviously been through a lot and had some issues.    Kay and Claretta were  ready to take him on!
 He took some time-- unlocking things that couldn't be unlocked, acting like Houdini-- but he settled in.  Here he was relaxing with Pop (Lolli-Pop).   Love how his paw is over her back.
 Pumpkin lives there, too.   She's a sweetheart.
 Domino was there for Maggie's tenth birthday.   Oh, he was in a happy home!   Parties, hats, toys, friends!
 One day, Kay and Claretta came home from errands.   They called and everyone came-- everyone except Domino.    They couldn't find him anywhere.   They knew he was in the house-- he was there when they left.   All of a sudden, they saw this canvas hamper bag start to move when they called Domino's name.  Was he in it?
Yes he was!   You still can't see him, can  you?   He's there.    How in the world did he get in it without turning it over and without being visible?   It's a mystery!
 Houdini, I mean Domino,  did come out-- here he is.    He's a beautiful boy.    I love owners who are willing to work through some issues our adopted dogs have, and the Pekes are the ones who are the luckiest.
I love your home, Domino!!   I know you do, too!


lady jicky said...

Linda .... I can't see him in that bag!!!!

Are you sure??????? LOL

Kay Seaton said...

Yes, lady jicky, Domino really is in that bag!, We missed the photo of his popping up and out. He's a hoot always keeping us challenged and laughing.

lady jicky said...

OK Kay ...... I still can't see him!!!

I need to get my eyes seen to :)