Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Simon was adopted last month, and he came for a visit while his parents are at the beach near me.  I guess it's Camp Runamuck just for Pekes. 
 Simon gets along easily with all the dogs here.   And he learned the doggy door on the porch quickly.
 He met Maddie the puppy, too.    He loves her!  He used to play with a big dog  at his foster home.
 They can't decide where to go in or out, so they just hung out on the steps.
 Simon had sent me this picture when he sent me a greeting before he arrived-- look at that face!
 He thinks all these Pekes are wonderful.   Here he is with Kai Kai.
 He's watching Rammi and Maddie play-- it wasn't too long before he joined in the chase.
 Koko loves to play chase!    She's  watching for the beginning of the race.
 Are you ready, Rammi?
 I don't know what is out there, but the Pekes are  on the Pekingese pathway with Beach Bit.
 What do you see guys.
 And then Maddie began following Simon around.    Down one path, around the trees, up the other path.
 Ready to play?
 Let's go!
 Simon is having so much fun.
 Then, Tiffany came over-- she was Simon's foster mom and he was so excited to see her!  
 Kai Kai took over Tiffany's lap while she was her.
 Move over Kai!  
 Starlight wasn't having any part of the lap stuff.  
 Then, things began to quiet down.   And I called "Simon?  Where are you?"
 "Here I am!"   There's an ottoman on the back side of the couch, so he has claimed that spot.
 And then, it was roll around time.
 And go this way....
 And that way....
And roll over for a good rest!     He was exhausted after playing all day.    We're so glad you're here for a visit!

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lady jicky said...

Oh he is a cutie and what a load of Peke's Linda!!! LOL