Monday, June 2, 2014


 Koko came to me in March after her owner turned her into a shelter.  She is 7 years old.
 She was at the picnic-- and posing at our Desi's Photo Shoot.
 Koko is very photogenic.  (Don't tell Desi that!)
 She is small at under 12 pounds.
 She did great at the picnic, friendly to everyone and all the dogs.
 As I was putting things into the car, someone was holding her leash and she was crying to be near me. I am her security, which happens with some foster dogs.  
 She was hauling to get to me!
Yep, I'm right here, little one.
 She loves to be on my lap, sleep on the bed, keep me in sight at all times.
 She had eye surgery and wore the e-collar for awhile, but when I took it off to clean it, she never bothered her eyes.   Some don't need an e-collar.
 She is a precious little one-- but she had a serious seizure disorder.   VERY serious.   She is on two different meds 5 times a day.
 When she has a break-through seizure, she has to have rectal valium/diazipan, so if she is adopted, she will have to have someone who is around most of the time to monitor her and make sure she is cared for.
She is a very special need Peke, but she's fine here and can stay as long as she needs to.    We love you, Koko.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh she is so beautiful !

I think she would suit me! LOL

No, honestly .... I stay home and I am VERY serious with medication and that is what someone MUST be if they adopt KoKo .
I can do anal glands ... a Vet showed me along time ago and its easy so a suppository will be a breeze .... just say to yourself when putting in the rectal suppositories "I am saving myself over $70 in a Vet visiting fee!!!" - do the "job" and get over it and think of the money!!!
Linda .... that should do it if someone is a bit "queasy" doing this "other end" job ! LOL
I tell ya ... that thought $$$ works! :)

KoKo I am doing a VERY special Adoption Dance for you sweetie!