Monday, July 14, 2014


 Pepper Ann was turned into a shelter by her family-- we don't know the circumstances, but we know she needed out of there.
 She is ten years old, but look at that sweet face.  
 She has a lot of spunk in her!
 Look at her go!
 She had a dental, and is all updated on her medical.
 She is happy, easy, loving, small, and ready!
 Whoa!  That's a big jump!
 She paused long enough to get a "still shot..."
 and a profile.
 Then, it was time to roll around on the grass...
 and "peke" out for others.
 She is a beautiful little girl.
 She is being fostered along with Daisy-- and Daisy was so excited to have her join her in their foster home.
I think they're already telling secrets.   Welcome, sweet Pepper Ann!!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda .... you know I love a black Peke!

Send her over to Oz !!LOL

*this girl will be adopted in a heartbeat!

Allene Jimenez said...

I love these little black pekes.This little girl has got some energy.

Anne Taylor said...

Amazing how much Pepper Ann resembles my Gizzy! They could be fraternal twins except that she is a couple of years older than Gizzy & appears to have slightly more coat. Amazing!

lady jicky said...

Anne Taylor ...... adopt her !! LOL