Wednesday, November 30, 2016


 Fostering is NOT easy.   It takes part of your heart when they leave.   (Even if it's just to a foster home in the same town!)
 Bumbles was only here four days and I took him to his foster home near me.  I petted him in the car and when I stopped, he pawed my hand.  OH, HEART STEALER!
 We got to Kam's and met her pack.   Fio was so sweet with Bumbles.
 Nunzio was trying to herd him.   :-)
 Panda was just rescued by Kam and I loved seeing her again!
 Bumbles thought she was beautiful.
 "Come on down and see the lake."  
 Nunzio will watch over him.
 "Come on little fellow."
 Bumbles kept going back to Fio.  (for Fiorello)
 I think they will be good friends.
 Nunzio kept trying to tell Bumbles which way to go.  
 Bumbles didn't care.
 Fio and Midnight-- both beautiful!
 Bumbles hid under the chair for awhile.
 Maggie was full of herself (I think I have them all straight-- let me know, Kam!).
 Panda now has a buddy her size.
 I held Bumbles like a baby-- I will sure miss him, but he's in a great place.   I want to keep them all, but can't.  Bummer--
I love you, little man!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh I wish I could have that Bumbles ... he is cuter than a Teddy Bear!!!!!