Sunday, November 20, 2016


 I've done some posts on facebook that Rudy was having trouble.
  He is about 16 now, and has been through a lot.
 He's had cancer.  He had a stroke-- and he came through it all.
 He is on heart meds and arthritis meds-- he's just getting older (like the rest of us!).
 Oh, you didn't like the "getting older" comment? lol
 Rudy has been falling over and having a harder time getting up.  
 His foster mom, Sherry, has knee issues, so she totally understands what he is going through.  
 The vet examined him on Thursday evening, and guess what?  Rudy is actually doing pretty well!
 His lungs are clear!   His heart is doing great.   He is on low doses of his meds, so we have lots of wiggle room to help him.   He kept coming over to me (I was sitting on the floor) and he is such a sweet boy.
Rudy is so happy that he had a good report and was ready to go on home.   Looks like he'll be here awhile!

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LadyJicky said...

Good News on the Doctors report Rudy !!! Yeah!!!