Thursday, November 17, 2016


 Jolene was in a Maryland shelter.
 She had been "used up" her entire life to produce puppies and then she was put in a shelter.
 She was covered with fleas, thin, and untrusting.  
 We helped spring her from the shelter and she took a first step to a new life that would be full of love and care.  (I love when rescue groups can help each other to save dogs!)
 She was named Jolene by her foster mom and when she told me, I began to sing in my head, "Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, JO-LEENE." :-)
 She had her first medical care, blood work, good food, and friends.  AND NO CAGE.
 YUM-- she loved good food that filled her tummy.
 She had so many applications-- but as with all the fosters in our care and the care of our fellow rescuers, all applications are not great.  And we want GREAT!  After all Jolene had been through, she deserved it.
 Jolene found that love was wonderful, and she deserved it the rest of her life.   She loved her new friends, too.  
 Jolene found a basket of toys was the perfect nap place.  Don't worry, little girl, you'll have all the toys you ever need.
 She heard she might meet a new mom and dad.
 She was ready to go.  As a foster mom, it is so hard to let them go-- but we can't help the next one if we don't.  So, Darla, Jolene's foster mom, let her go.  She let her go to a GREAT home.
Jolene's new mom and dad fell in love iwth her the moment they met her.  They are compassionate, loving and knowledgeable about her breed and they know how to help a "back yard breeding dog" learn to trust and love and get rid of those old scars.  Jolene is now in her new life-- and it's going to be wonderful!!   We love you, little Jolene!


LadyJicky said...

I am so happy Jolene has a great new home and .... how Chic she looks in that houndstooth jacket ----- Way to go girlfriend!!!

Unknown said...

HOORAY for Jolene. She deserves a great home. I hope they send us more pictures.