Sunday, November 6, 2016


 If you make a donation of any amount this month or/and next month, and send me a picture of your dog/dogs, I'll post their picture on this blog, which will be reposted every few days as new pictures/donations come in.   I hope it ends up being a really long blog!   You can make a donation in memory of one of your beloved Pekes, or for one that you have now.   It can be to honor someone you love.   Once you make a donation, send me a picture/name of your pet to   We want to end this year with JOY!
 My crew wanted to make a donation in memory of Joyful Grace.   Kai Kai and Chumley are both PVPC alumni (they all are!) and they want to help.
Whoops, that's not a Peke, but she loves the Pekes here.
Floyd wants the end of the year donations to come on in.
Starlight, the Princess, thinks her cuteness might help.
Max doesn't care either way haha.
Tucker's family is making a donation, too, so maybe I can get a picture of his entire doggy family.
Paws, Barbara Mudd's heart dog, is now on our list!  His mom made a donation to help our Pekes.  She is becoming active in helping us with rescue and has a lot of knowledge that is great!!  
 Emily's Pekes, Drizzle and...
 Newman are monthly supporters of our rescue.   THANK YOU!!   It's amazing how you can become good friends with someone and never actually have met them!
 Bonnie's Dickens know how wonderful it is to have a forever home.
 Coco is an Australian Peke-- a rescue-- and lives with my good friend, Melinda.
 Rita's pups, Ladybug, Patches and Cupcake.  They all died within 18 months of each other at ages, 13, 14 and 10.
I know they took part of her heart with them.
 Gizzy and Doolin help us each month.
 Gizzy was a foster that they took in and they have done a tremendous job with him!!
And Doolin LOVES having a friend!!


Lost Earring said...

What a beautiful and giving way to honor our beloved Joyful Grace and all the love she brought to everyone who followed her fight.

LadyJicky said...

Joyful lives on.