Saturday, November 26, 2016


 Little Lacy came into rescue almost seven years ago (January, 2010).  
 She was a very sick little girl, underweight and in great need.   Her foster mom, Kim, did so much to help her.   She began to thrive and it was amazing to see the change in her.
 She filled out and her hair grew in and she became secure and knew she was loved.
 She visited my house (since her foster mom was close) and we had a photo session.
 She walked on the Pekingese Pathway with Scooter, my special boy.
 Lacy was adopted by a wonderful couple and went to live in Maryland.  
 She supervised kitchen make overs...
 She snuggled with Mr. Winks, her buddy.   She loved her brother, Lafite, too and they all were a special Peke family.
 We thought Lacy was 3 years old when she came into rescue, but she was probably older.  She began to have more health problems a few years ago and her body fought hard.  
Lacy went to join her brother, Lafite this week.   Her parents are heartbroken and her brother, Mr. Winks (on the right) is so confused.   My heart breaks for Lacy's family and I know it will be hard to adjust to her loss.    She can now play with no pain, with her brother, Lafite, who died four years ago.  Run free now, little girl.   You were greatly loved.

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LadyJicky said...

My heart goes out to Lacy's family ... thinking of you .