Wednesday, November 30, 2016


 Our Yankee Candle fund raising is still going on for the month of December.
Starlight is cheering us on as we begin some fund raisers to boost our financial ability to care for our foster dogs.  
 Yankee Candle has a Flagship store near us.  (in Williamsburg, VA)  Santa is there almost every day in their Christmas area.   In the summer, he's in floral shirts and he is there for the kids to sign whether they were naughty or nice.  Of course, all my grandbits sign the "nice" list.
 Yankee Candle has allowed us to do a fund raiser with them.  We're so excited!!
 Sophie is rolling over in joy that they are doing this!
She says, "Come on, everyone.  Buy some candles!"  I bought gift sets last year and had some wonderful Christmas gifts!   I know there will be some fun things to look at.

Here is the information to do this.

Today we are beginning our Yankee Candle fundraiser campaign for Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue! It is the first day of Fall and we are heading into the holiday season! What is better than lighting a wonderful scented candle or decorating with beautiful autumn/holiday decorations? There are many delightful items for sale in the Fall/Holiday catalog! The best part is that 40% of all sales will go directly to the Rescue so we can continue the hard work of saving lives and providing new beginnings.
The web site is located at, enter group number 990103300 under start shopping and click enter! Shop away and shop often! The campaign ends Dec 31, 2016! All orders will be mailed directly to your home. If you spend more than $100, shipping is free! If you have any further questions please email me at or message me on Facebook Ida Dailey! Please share on your Facebook and ask all your friends & family to participate!Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue

Linda Maxwell/blog author


 Fostering is NOT easy.   It takes part of your heart when they leave.   (Even if it's just to a foster home in the same town!)
 Bumbles was only here four days and I took him to his foster home near me.  I petted him in the car and when I stopped, he pawed my hand.  OH, HEART STEALER!
 We got to Kam's and met her pack.   Fio was so sweet with Bumbles.
 Nunzio was trying to herd him.   :-)
 Panda was just rescued by Kam and I loved seeing her again!
 Bumbles thought she was beautiful.
 "Come on down and see the lake."  
 Nunzio will watch over him.
 "Come on little fellow."
 Bumbles kept going back to Fio.  (for Fiorello)
 I think they will be good friends.
 Nunzio kept trying to tell Bumbles which way to go.  
 Bumbles didn't care.
 Fio and Midnight-- both beautiful!
 Bumbles hid under the chair for awhile.
 Maggie was full of herself (I think I have them all straight-- let me know, Kam!).
 Panda now has a buddy her size.
 I held Bumbles like a baby-- I will sure miss him, but he's in a great place.   I want to keep them all, but can't.  Bummer--
I love you, little man!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


My house is a full place most of the time.  Dogs, grandbits.   Max and Callie (my granddog) took over the playroom couch. 
 The porch swing was in use...
 Chumley was excited because he would have LOTS of people to play with him.  His favorite dumbel toy is behind him.
 Granger (formerly Digger) decided the chair/rocker was a good spot.   Why is it that the dogs always want on the furniture??  Granger fell out through the side-- funny boy!
 Callie took over a Pekingese bed-- she just doesn't fit.
 But, Kai Kai does.
 Max was on his stool by the window-- his favorite spot.
 Gigi took over a bigger bed.   This was after a huge play session with Callie and they were both exhausted.
 Granger tried another spot-- the couch this time.
 Pi is 15-- she has cancer surgery last spring and is doing great.   She is the BEST dog ever, even though she's not a Peke.
 Starlight kept trying to find out of the way spots.
 Kai Kai and Floyd cozied up on a bed that Jane gave us (one of Gracie Lu's and we love it).
 While the Thanksgiving Camp Runamuck was in session, we did a dog rescue.   Bumbles was in a shelter near us and he was set free.  Bitty Bit went to the vet with me.
 "Another dog?" says Starlight.
 She ignored Bumbles, but Bumbles decided he liked Floyd.
 Chumley did his antics, turning himself upside down on the couch.
 Starlight had enough and crawled into the coffee table shelf-- her hidey-hole.   That's why there is a little blanket in there, she's in there so often!    It is now quieter, only six dogs here (Bumbles will go to a foster home today).    Life is back to normal-- whatever that is.
Did you count all the dogs?  There were ten here for the holiday-- oh my!

Monday, November 28, 2016


 The Mighty Sora Bear was born on February 21, 2006 and passed away today, November 28, 2016.
 He was a rescue Peke and has been with his mom and dad for ten years.   He was only ten years old, but, he began to have mobility issues.  His Dad would hold his dish to try to get him to eat.
 He went to the vet and was given medication, but he continued to decline.  
 Liza stayed with her sweet boy, encouraging him, but he lost back mobility and then front.  
 He stopped eating and drinking and they knew it was time to say goodbye.
 His brother, Tai, will miss him so much.   Sora was the leader and Tai will miss that friend to look up to.
You can run free, now sweet Sora-- you aren't in pain, you can run and play.   You will be missed so much.


 We were asked to take in this little man.  He was turned in when the owners said they could no longer care for him.   His is one of the "cases" that just make us mad in rescue.   This sweet Peke has been severely neglected--
 His eyes are bad, he is missing hair, he is emaciated, he is in pain.    But, we are doing all we can for him.   He has been to the vet several times already.  His bloodwork is surprisingly good, but he is not eating or comfortable.   We hope he will rally!   He is about ten years old and 9 pounds-- very underweight.
 He is resting, finally in a clean bed with soft blankets.   He is being offered food, but doesn't want to eat-- so he received a shot for nausea and for pain.   He received fluids to give him a boost.  He will see the vet again tomorrow.
Please pray for this sweet boy.   We just want him to have a life of love and care and safety.   If you want to help with his care, just go to our website to make a donation. Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Donate Now   I'll keep you updated on his condition.
Linda Maxwell/blogger