Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 In case you wondered why I did not do blogs every day last week, here is why.  I was busy!   My daughter and her husband went to Cape Town, South Africa.  She did send me a picture of this adorable Peke!
 My daughter had a work trip there, and so the Bits were with me for ten days.  
 We watched the plane's journey-- it was fascinating!
 I stayed busy watching the Bits.  Sugar Bit just turned two, so she really has to be watched!
 Beach Bit kept looking for fish and Godzillas in the creek.
 Sugar Bit had to be watched-- did I mention that? :-)
 She likes to take jump starts on the slide. :-(
My oldest daughter surprised me on Mother's Day and came down with her kids. We had so much fun!!
 I had Leo the Lab here. He is one of the Bits' dogs and he's a sweet old Lab.
 Sugar Bit climbed houses.
 She stood on desks, looked out windows, "helped" me on the computer..... she was all over the place.
 We went to the beach- it was really windy that day.
 Sugar Bit played "nite nite" in our bed.
 And then proceeded to take hers apart.
 She helped me with dog food...
 and lined up dog bowls-- but the dogs could not figure out where the food was!
 Sugar Bit found herself in a mirror.  She is so funny.  The floor mirror fascinates her-- she jumps up and down in front of it.
 She wore an e-collar on her head.
 The dogs loved at the attention-- but it was a little chaotic, too.  Benjamin took it in stride.
 He got hugs from Sugar Bit when he was in the playpen (he eats in there).
 Floyd was ready for a good nap.  So much activity!
 Furby hung out.
 And he was tired.  It was a lot for him, but he was good.
 I was amazed how well the Bits and dogs did.   The Bits are here a lot, so my house is "their house" but it was a long time without mom and dad.  They did not seem to miss a beat.
 We were all ready to just hang out.  Sugar Bit showed us how.
 Benjamin and the rest of us are taking a day off today.  Who am I kidding! lol

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LadyJicky said...

Oh hell ..... I am sooooo exhausted just looking at your blog today Linda ! LOL