Monday, May 22, 2017


Kai Kai and Benjamin are both beautiful red Pekes.  And both are blind.
Sugar Bit introduced herself to Benjamin when he arrived.  He was so good!
Why am I in a playpen?  Floyd was photo-bombing the picture.
Benjamin stays in the playpen at night and for meals.
He has done very well on housetraining, but sometimes, he still wears a belly band.
I love these two.   Kai Kai came to me as a foster six years ago.   No one adopted him-- to my good fortune, so he stayed.
Sometimes, they hang out together.
Or pass in the yard.
They both have stunning black tips on their hair.
My Kai Kai has no eyes.
He lost his eyes last year, but he is still my heart.  Here he is with Furby (available for adoption).
Benjamin arrived with severe dry eye, which had taken his vision.  
We are seeing an ophthalmologist and hope the drops will restore some of his vision.  
He maneuvers around the yard as if he can see, so he may have some shadow vision.
Benjamin is SO sweet!  He can use the porch doggy door, go up and down the porch steps, and is very good with other animals.   He is about five years old and already has someone who is interested in him-- I'm so excited!   Blind dogs may be considered handicapped but they hear their way around-- and the love they can give is unlimited.   Don't hesitate to adopt a "handicapped" dog.   They can love just as well as the rest of them.


LadyJicky said...

Many years ago I had a Pug x maltese called Oscar .....he was the BEST dog and lived to 12 years old .... he had "Dry Eye" so he needed cyclosparine ... it was a miracle for him.
Do not reject a dog with dry eye or anything else ... they cope really well and my dear Oscar was one of family "Heart dogs". Love you always Oscar :)

Rita McGinley said...

I couldn't agree more about "handicapped" dogs! My last Peke, Sammy, lost an eye because of severe dry eye, we used tacralimus drops to preserve the vision in his other eye. He coped just fine, his sweet nature and spirit were undiminished. Ben is definitely coming home with me, as long as Linda can continue to hold him while some unexpected repairs are made to my condo. Thank you Linda and Potomac Pekingese Rescue for being there for him and all the other rescues!

Barbara Mudd said...

Love all these blogs so much... Benjamin is a beautiful boy, I have a 14 year old peke Charley, she came to me as a rescue 12 years ago... she was attacked by another dog and her owners didn't feel they could deal with the damage. Luckily Charley was and still is a fighter... one side of her face was a bloody mess when she was turned in, her left eye was badly damaged and blinded but her right eye was ok. A few years back the right eye developed dry eye. Now she gets frequent drops, ointment and eye washes... sometimes she seems to have issues seeing... but she still manages to get around our multi level home fairly well and knows her yard and where all 'her' spots are. They do seem to see by smell, no matter where I am she can find me. Somehow these angels know where there human is and can find there way... I would never hesitate to adopt a senior and/or a handicapped dog to my home... as long as I could be sure they would be happy and safe here with my crew.