Saturday, May 6, 2017


 Benjamin became a PVPC foster dog at the picnic.   He was badly neglected and is blind because of that.  We hope we can get some of his sight back.   I have someone who is very interested in him.
Biscuit came and is one of our PVPC alumni.
Gizzy was one of Tiffany's foster dogs.
He and his mom had a great time.
Marshall, Biscuit's brother, was there.  He is such a sweet boy.
Sweet Bumbles came-- he was my foster boy, and it was great to see him.  
Albert came-- he has brightened his mom's life.   He is a senior, and they are so deserving of a forever home.
Lots of Pekes were there!
Of course, we had our silent auction.   Thank you to everyone who brought items to sell so we could raise money for our foster dogs.
There were so many great things to choose from!  
Beautiful jars-- I brought this home!  My daughter loves it.
Each person was given an insulted lunch bag.
This is a kaleidoscope on a necklace-- I bought this!!
Ramond and his dad, Terry were there-- Terry had on his Peke shirt and Potomac Pekes hat!
Beautiful Pekingese were everywhere.
Pekes were sleepy by the end of the day.
Abner kept on going!
Lots of fluffy butts were there-- it was a happy day!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh hell...... I wish my "fluffy Butt" was there at the picnic too..... what a great day with TONS of Peke's !!!