Wednesday, May 10, 2017


 Sweet Duke came into rescue in January.  
 We were told he did not like other dogs. But, this video shows how untrue that is:  Click here: Duke learning to play - YouTube
 At first, he was separated as he watched the others having fun.   But, that lasted less than a day!   He wanted to be part of them.
 He settled in nicely-- can you tell!
 He could rest comfortably for the first time in his life.
 He knew he was safe.
 He knew he was cherished and loved.
 Pepper Ann became one of his friends.
 So were Dixie, Bubba and Gizmo.   Duke was in good company and a safe, loving place.
Oreo and Duke learned to play and had so much fun!!  (See video above)
His foster mom noticed something was wrong with his mouth.   The dental xrays showed his lower jaw had been broken, but it's stable now.  Who knows what he went through, but in rescue, we have to look forward, knowing they are safe and we will make sure they have a good home.  And until then, they are safe with us.
 He can rest peacefully.   And he can rest in plush comfort.
If you are interested in Duke, let us know.   He is a sweet boy, very deserving of love the rest of his life.


LadyJicky said...

Oh what a beauty Sweet Duke is ... a Snow Peke!

I wish Duke finds the Best and the kindest of families ... he really deserves this!
I am doing my Adoption Dance for Mr Duke the Snow Peke right now as I type !

Angela Ewing said...

Hi, Linda, My son and I attended the last picnic about 2 weeks ago, still looking for a 2nd doggie to be friends with Mercedes, our Peke mix. What else can you tell me about Duke? He looks adorable. His age -- his temperament with kids (8 and older) - his other health issues (if any), etc. Thanks! Angela

Lost Earring said...

Another great morning story. Sweet Duke only needed to be shown love and able to get some measure of security in order for him to blossom. Love it.