Monday, May 8, 2017


 I have had a lot of foster dogs here, and my Bits-- all six of them-- have been used to Pekes coming and going.
 Sugar Bit and Beach Bit have helped me with a lot of the fosters.  They are so used to new ones showing up and some being adopted or moving to other foster homes.
 Beach Bit loved when Abby came to visit-- she belonged to a friend of mine, so she was not a foster, but she visited for about 3 weeks.
 Others came for short visits and Sugar Bit took it in stride.
 I evaluate the Pekes first, and I always supervise.  All Pekes are not good with children and they are moved to other foster homes if they are not okay with my Bits.   Sugar Bit welcomed Furby to rescue and he was good with her.
 As you know, if you follow me on the blogs or facebook, Sugar Bit lives with enthusiasm!
 She can be surrounded by Pekes and still be a toddler, digging, getting dirty...oh, she does seem to get dirty!
 She can do her own thing-- building or playing with her kitchen, or sometimes, just taking time to snuggle.  She and Beach Bit live across the street, so they can "help" me a lot.
 Sometimes, the Pekes want to help her to do her own thing haha.  Furby is one.  He gives her a kiss for good measure.
 Sugar Bit helps the Pekes around the house.
 Sometimes, it is fun to just lay down with a Peke.
 Bunk bed Pekes is not uncommon here.   My three fosters.
 When Benjamin came, Sugar Bit thought it was Kai Kai-- with eyes.  But, she soon learned it was not, and tried to get to know him.
 Sugar Bit sometimes takes time off to help me.
 Carrying bags of potting soil (this was all her idea!), Furby right alongside her.
 She dons her Peke helper hat!
 It looks pretty dapper on her.
 She pretends to mop the porch.
 Sugar Bit is so good with the dogs-- she will gently bend down to help them and pet them.
 Floyd thinks she is wonderful.
 Benjamin and Furby follow her around.   Benjamin is blind, but does amazingly well!
Sugar Bit crowns Benjamin as Sir Benjamin, and then continues on, being a toddler, helping with the Pekes, being joyful.  Pekes and children-- I love it!


LadyJicky said...

You know what Linda ..... it would not surprise me if Sugar Bit turns out to be a Vet!!!

Lost Earring said...

What a great Monday morning story. I love it to "Bits". I can tell that there is never a dull moment at the Maxwell house.