Friday, May 12, 2017


 Floyd is a favorite with some of my friends, so every so often, I just have to put him on a blog.   (Starlight has a fan club also.)
 Floyd is great with the other dogs and with the grandbits.
 When Benjamin arrived, Floyd was just fine with it.  The more the merrier.
 He follows us around the house and is interested in what Sugar Bit is up to-- or in what she is handing out.
 Most of the dogs seem to follow Sugar Bit around-- maybe they think she has a treat!
 Sweet Floyd hopes she does.
 "What is that thing on your head?"
 Floyd has been here over a year and a half.  We did not think he would live this long.  He has a lot of medical issues and lately, we've had to add more heart and pain meds to his pill box.  I carry him up and down the stairs, but he does pretty well the rest of the time.
 He seems to be comfortable most of the time, and has his aerobic moments of happiness early in the day and anytime there is food!
He is such a nice boy-- and he has a fan club.  So, here is a blog for his fans!!

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LadyJicky said...

I am a fan of Floyd.... he is so beautiful .