Wednesday, May 3, 2017


 Furby rode with us up to the Peke picnic in Frying Pan Park.   He was anxious to meet everyone there.
 Sweet Arby was there.  She was one of the Bristol 18 we took in 2010.   She's stunning now.
 Her brother is Raymond-- he is like my Kai Kai.  He has no eyes.
 But, he is a beautiful little man!
 This little one came to the picnic-- his name is Chip.   And he is adorable!!
 I met his parents and they love the breed and adopted Chip when he was younger.  A lucky little man!
 Marshall was there with his mom-- Jeanne fostered him so I know she will love his pictures.
 Biscuit is a sweetheart!  And he's Marshall's brother.
 Hello, Marshall!
 This little, tiny girl is Dusty.
 She is SO adorable!
 Lisa was there with her two (the facebook hooligans haha) and she had to meet Furby.
 A friend I have not seen for a long time came to chat a bit at the picnic.  Matt and I really enjoyed seeing her and are going to plan a trip up just to visit.  And yes, I'm pretty short haha.
 Justice came!  He was recently adopted.
 He and Tai are brothers now.  Tai is so gorgeous-- oh, he stole my heart years ago when he came into rescue.
 This is Hilda-- she came with her sister, and her brother, Ewok.
 Jay Jay and Penny were there-- Penny was one of the Bristol 18 also.  She and Jay Jay have such beautiful coats-- love and care have brought them so far!
Furby loved the picnic-- you see what his favorite part was tomorrow!!

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LadyJicky said...

Wonderful photos ... what a great picnic this was!

All of the Peke's were just lovely but ......

if I was there Miss Dusty would be going into my "carry on bag" back to Australia!!!! LOL