Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There is a 12 year old Pekingese in a shelter in Elizabeth City, NC. He was turned in by his owner who could no longer care for him. Our rescue group is simply in overload and we have no place to put a twelve year old unless someone wants to take him.
He is neutered and heartworm negative. He is good with other dogs, as he is currently sharing a cage with two small dogs. He is rather spry in spite of his age-- I know many at this age who still have lots of energy. He has some vision issues, but other than that, he is doing fine. If you can help this one quickly, please contact me at haveninhim@aol.com or contact the shelter directly at spcaofnenc2002@yahoo.com. He is in the SPCA in Elizabeth City, NC.

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lady jicky said...

I want to tell anyone thinking of adopting Buddy that he has many years ahead of him. As I have stated before, I had a dear Peke that lived to 17 years.
So , please , don't let his age put you off!!
I wish I could take him Linda but its a long flight to Oz :)

Buddy is very handsome!