Sunday, October 24, 2010


Essie's Bernie has a story to tell us-- they live out in the country, and there are wild animals there! You know, the dangerous ones-- like turkeys and deer. :-)
Here are the deer that dare to come near the Pekingese guard dogs. Scary!!
And the turkeys come close, too. But, honestly, turkeys are NOT smart. I had one fly right into my windshield on the highway-- let me tell you what a turkey can do to a windshield. I'm glad I had a lot of duct tape in the car.
The cat is watching out for the wild animals, too. He's an attack cat-- really, believe me!
Okay, so he doesn't look too scary here, but I'm sure he'd take on any one of the deer or turkeys.
GizMoe Li is watching from the yard-- look at that stance. He's taking his job very seriously.
That's right, GizMoe Lie-- sit down. It's going to be a long job.
The rest come out to help-- reinforcements were needed!
And to finish on a happy note-- here's Kevin and Chewie-- Essie's husband and her precious Peke. Don't you love the similarities! :-) I'm sure they had their turn at guard duty, too. Those faces would scare off any wild animal!


lady jicky said...

Those two are just the same you say ....Hey - does Kevin have fleas too ??? LOL

I know, I know - he gave them to Chewie! :)

I have an Aunty who lives in Minnesota and many years ago her husband and all his mates went off shooting for pheasant. My Aunty doesn't like hunting so did not go !
Anyway - Uncle Herman came home with nothing and so did his mates. Now - my Aunty had a pheasant when they got home - yep, it flew into her picture window and died !!
So Linda - did you pick up that "road kill" as I know Thanksgiving is next month and I bet you have a freezer!!! LOL

emilyp said...

LOL, that last pic is hilarious. What a great yard for the Pekes to play in!!

Jeanne said...

On the last photo.......Like Father,like that the way it goes????? Great photo either way :)