Thursday, October 28, 2010

Precious/Bristol 18

Precious was part of the Bristol 18. Honestly, we thought she would have to be put down-- she was in such rough shape, we didn't know if we could save her. She was so severely neglected and had been bred over and over again. She was deaf and blind, and had no life in her when we got her. We thought, "maybe letting her go if a kinder thing to do."
She made it through the first few days and we had a "bath day" for all 18. She got a bath and years of dirt and neglect washed down the drain. She was so good for her bath-- I'm sure it felt good.
Here she is all wrapped up in a towel and ready to be blown dry. She didn't know her new life was beginning.
She can't see, but I'm sure she felt that she was surrounded by love and hope that day.
She is now living with Lori, a rescue worker near Richmond--Lori is like an angel to these dogs. Look how great Precious looks!!! Precious is heartworm positive, and she is on heartguard, which will kill off new heartworms and hopefully, the old ones will die off. She is too old to go through heartworm treatment.
She loves to snuggle up on her blanket. She even sits in front of the kitchen counter every day for her canned food!! (She didn't end up with any teeth after her dental-- they were all rotten.) She still does not like to be touched, and that's fine. She seems very content. Precious is deaf and blind, but she has learned to use the doggy door to go outside. She'll wander around the yard and then come back to the doggy door to come back inside. It's amazing what she can do!
Precious has a new name (not that she can hear it, but it is said with much love)-- it is Merri. It describes her-- a soft joy that she has now that she never knew before. Her foster mom is still trying to regulate her seizure meds,but she's doing well. She PLAYS with Floyd and Kelli/Mittens (two of the other dogs from the Bristol 18)!! Anita, who was instrumental in helping us get the Bristol 18 said that Precious was like a poster child for this entire group. Precious went through a life of sadness, but that's over for her! We all have tears of happiness to know Precious Merri is loved so much and doing so well! This is rescue. "SAVING ONE PET DOES NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, BUT IT CHANGES THE WORLD FOR THAT ONE PET."


Pekiegirl said...

What a sad life she had! How can people do this to a living creature? So happy she will never know that life again, and will be loved and cared for, for the rest of her life!

lady jicky said...

Please give that lovely old Lady Peke a big squeeze - I know she does not like to be touched but , just a little pat!
I am wishing for Precious Merri a healthy long life for I know she has many medical problems but I am still sending Big Fat Vibes for that Special lady Peke!!!!!!!!

emilyp said...

That post made me cry:( Dogs should not have to suffer like that..sometimes I hate people alot:(

On the flip side, yay for Merri's new life. She is living it just the way the older ones' should..doing things her way and how she likes it:) Blow kisses her way for me!