Thursday, October 21, 2010


Chyna was one of our foster dogs several years ago. She was only two years old and her owners dropped her off at a local shelter, deciding they didn't want her anymore. She was 12 pounds and just adorable-- who wouldn't want her!?
She got a new pink harness from her foster mom and dad and loved to go for walks. She didn't know how at first, but then she became alert and didn't want to miss anything!
Chyna went to the Blessing of the Animals with her mom and dad. I think the people who were able to meet her were the ones who were blessed. :-)
Chyna also went to the Mardi Gras in Fredericksburg. She loved being in the parade and walking with the other dogs. Her parents are trying to find a friend for her, because she loved one of the dogs in her foster home and they played a lot. I know we'll find just the right friend for her! Chyna, which one do you think it will be?


lady jicky said...

Hey chyna - what about Buddy???

Fiona Ross said...

I bet Cindy would be a great pal!

emilyp said...

Chyna is beautiful! I am shaking my head at people that would turn a dog into a shelter after 2 years because they "didn't want her anymore."

Karin said...

Chyna is a beauty!
I agree, Emily, there is no excuse for "disposing" of a pet at a shelter, no matter what the circumstances. With so many rescue organizations available now, shelters should not be the first option.