Thursday, January 27, 2011


This little girl was found wandering down a road in southwest Virginia. We were asked if we could help her.
The lady who found her has very limited income and did all she could, but she can't afford to do much for her, so she has asked us to step in. This little girl is being called "Baby" even though she is older. She is very sweet and loves to have attention from dogs, kids, adults. She just wants to be loved.
We are going to take her-- her hair has been shaved off and is growing back-- it was so matted, but we know she'll be beautiful. We are arranging transport even though we don't have a foster home yet. We will make it work. If you are interested in her, just email Baby will be taken care of-- we will make sure of that.

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emilyp said...

She looks like such a sweetie..thank goodness for groups like PVPR. You are all so incredible.