Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Click here: International effort saves a Bulgarian street pup who gets new home on Mass. farm I wanted to share this link-- it's how our own Anna Saar McGonigle helped to save a dog in Bulgaria. Anna has adopted from us and is mom to Butters, Bucky, Willie Wonton, and Suzy. We're proud of the work you do, Anna!

Peppie came into rescue from a shelter in S.W. Virginia. We don't get many from that area because it's so far from where we are centrally located. But, we now have several volunteers there who are very willing to help! I love our Peke volunteers--we couldn't do it without you!
Peppie wasn't in rescue long when someone fell in love with him. They applied and even gave me a reference from someone who worked at Cesar Milan!! That's a first!
And now Peppie lives there, and you can see he has made himself right at home. Looks like the side of my couch! Usually has a Peke on it, too.
His new mom is beautiful! And she obviously loves Peppie a lot. Thank you for adopting him and giving him a forever home!


lady jicky said...

so lovely to see and ..... maybe Peppie might get a friend?????

lady jicky said...

Oh - forgot to add --

a 4 legged friend !!!! :)

emilyp said...

Peppie looks so happy and comfortable at his furever home:)

Karin said...

Peppie is another beautiful peke! His new mom looks very happy too! Cesar Milan is awesome ~ unfortunately we don't subscribe to cable television anymore but I sure used to enjoy watching and learning from him.