Monday, January 24, 2011


Chloe came to us last spring. Her owner had passed away and the family could not keep her. It happens a lot-- so just make sure you know where your dogs will go if something happens to you. (I'm not trying to be "morbid" but many people assume their family will take care of their dogs and it just doesn't always happen that way.)
Chloe was born in China. She must have some royal heritage because she is a stunner!
She went to Jeanne's for fostering and then met her new mom.
She lives in Richmond now and is a cherished member of her family.
Look how beautiful her coat is-- from all sides!
She she sure knows how to relax! She's had a puppy cut in this picture.
She is making full use of the bed--
Now that it's so cold, she has a warm winter coat for her walks. And a bow in her hair! She is a beautiful girl!


lady jicky said...

She is beautiful!

Moi Moi wants her new owners to realize that Chinese New Year is coming soon and all good Chinese girls like to go out for Yum Cha for New Years - Oh, and don't forget the MONEY ENVELOPES!!!

Tracey said...

She is gorgeous! What a lucky girl to have such a loving home!

emilyp said...

She is a beauty! The bow in her hair is too cute:)