Saturday, January 8, 2011


Beautiful Brandy has come a long way from the 9 pound Pekingese we got from the puppy mill. She is now a healthy 15-16 pounds and her coat is stunning and thick.
She is wearing her thundershirt here. I just have a gray one here-- but she has a wonderful pink one, perfect for her feminine self. :-)
Look at her hair-- she's so beautiful. I love her face!
She and Camden, her foster brother, are good friends. He is trying to get her to play. I think she is playing hard to get!
Maybe she is interested now. She's checking him out--
And they they are, face front, and gorgeous.
Brandy is still a little timid-- it can take a dog a while to overcome what she went through, like starvation and being locked up. Puppy mill and back yard breeders can be terrible, horrifying places, and Brandy knows all about it.
Camden is helping her to overcome what she went through. And so are his mom and dad.
She had never seen a Christmas tree-- and she loved hers. So do I, Brandy.
Brandy is thriving. Brandy is her foster mom and dad's first foster-- and I must say, they have done amazing things for her.
Their mom told them both to go to sleep or Santa wouldn't come on Christmas. Camden snuggled right up and went to sleep.
It took a while to convince Brandy that she needed to go to sleep, but she did. She didn't want to miss Santa leaving her some presents.
I know they received a lot of special treats on Christmas, too. And lots of love. I bet Santa left presents for your foster mom and dad, too. They sure deserved it!
(Just received this from Brandy's foster mom: "Brandy must be getting enough food. She is now hiding treats. In corners. She has learned from Camden that one must scratch the grass and make a fuss after one pees. Sometimes she scratches and then just stretches.... it looks like yoga. Camden is determined that HE is the pee-er in the family. Wherever she pees in the yard, he PROMPTLY goes over and pees on top of it. Boys!:)


lady jicky said...

Aren't they both so cute!

Oh yes..... I know all about the "Power Pee's" - my two love to top each other!
Moi is just as bad as Kenzo with this too! LOL

emilyp said...

LOL, the pee thing is funny..happens here too:p

Brandy looks amazing and so happy:)

Mary Elizabeth said...

This is the first time I've ever had two dogs in the house... It seriously makes me laugh. I thought it was a boy thing.