Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Winter Tip: You can rub petroleum jelly on to your dog's paws before going outside. This will protect them from the salt and other chemicals that are out on icy sidewalks.
Check out this cute Pekingese ashtray that is on our ebay site: You can use it for jewelry. So cute!

Is this snow again? No, tell me it's not!
I tried to take a picture out front and the snowflakes were hitting my camera.
I covered my camera to get a better shot-- it's blurry because the snow was coming down hard!
Coco Puff decided INSIDE was a good place to be. (She was visiting with Cavan, who lives in Norfolk.) I don't know if he wanted snow either.
Snow began to cover the Christmas wreath I put on the outside table. It still smelled good and I couldn't bear to throw it in the trash yet.
The snow began to cover the ground....
But, we didn't get this much-- this is Anna's picture from New York. Our snow just lasted a little bit and went away. That's okay. I know more will come.


cby said...

Anna's snowman needs a snowpeke on a lead.

Coco Puff's eyes look terrific! Way to go, Linda!!! I am so happy to see that she is doing much better and that has found a family!

emilyp said...

Coco Puff looks so great!!

lady jicky said...

Here I am sitting at the computer on a hot and muggy morning. We are getting some rain but not like the state of Queensland- its all flooded and it looks like my sister in laws house in Brisbane - capital city of Queensland will get flooded today. The power has been shut off this city as it goes under!
I am 'over" summer here! LOL As least we do not have the floods like the others where I live and when I see your snow I just smile - we are sooooo far away .