Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 PEKE-NIC #2

Nippy was so excited to come to the picnic. Or should I say Peke-nic! There were Pekes all over. His brother, Nippy, came too. His teeth just crack me up!They were looking all over to see if any new friends were there. Nippy even rolled over to get attention-- I'm sure he got a lot!Ming came, too. He has a lot of hair!! And he is such a sweet dog.He's a big boy-- but it's all "sugar." ;-)Ming's brother, Nobel, also came. He is a tiny Peke. He rode around with his sister, Lily Faith. (See more pictures tomorrow of her.)Buffy was there with her brother, Ollie. Ollie was one of my fosters, and I think he's one of the few who still recognize me. Warms my heart!Here's Teddy. He's an old boy-- but still gets around and enjoys coming to the picnic.Here's Tramp-- he was Pierre and he's now adopted! He has an enzyme problem and has to have special meds every day. But, his parents are so faithful to care for his special needs. And he's gained weight and looks wonderful!Just look at him-- beautiful! He was so thin, and near death when he came into rescue. Now, he will have a full, wonderful life.When the picnic was over, Wanda (green dress) and Desi (pink dress) crashed at the hotel. I think all the dogs were exhausted! I know the parents were.Before I close, I want to include two more picture. This is beautiful Yoshi, the male Japanese Chin whose owner died and Yoshi and Millie came to us. Look at what a beauty he is.He went to a new foster home with Dan (who adopted Starbucks/Sweet Baboo from me six years ago). From the look of the picture, I'm not sure Yoshi will ever leave. And that would be just fine with me! And with Yoshi, too!

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lady jicky said...

Oh what a beautiful bunch of peke's and I include the pretty Yoshi here too!