Saturday, May 5, 2012


This little 13 pounder is Timmy. I just picked him up at the shelter. They asked me for help a few days ago and I went to see him. He can see a little, and hear a little, but he gives lots of kisses and tail wags-- I couldn't leave him there.He was greeted by the gang at my house-- and he never growled or fussed. He also hasn't had an accident in my house!We first went to the vet and he was checked out. He needs a dental and neutering. He has a 2-3 heart murmur, so we decided to ask Dr. Hodges to do his neuter and dental. We know he'll get much better monitoring there. Martha and her sister, Eve are going to foster him.Whoops, picture came up twice. Sorry about that. Can't figure out how to remove it. It's a cute picture-- it's worth looking at twice. ;-)Kai was checking him out-- and Timmy was just fine with all of them.Max was glad to have a new friend to visit, even for a day or two.Kai was following Timmy and letting him check out the yard.Then, Harper followed Timmy. Harper was very interested in the "new guy."Timmy checked out the ivy.Nothing there-- let's go somewhere else.I'll head this way."Oh, there's a grandchild here. I love him!" Timmy was so good with Beach Bit. He hasn't been aggressive a bit. He had a bath and cream rinse and is ready to go to his foster home in Harrisonburg today. I thought I'd have the week-end off. Oh well, when it means a Peke is saved, it's worth it!

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lady jicky said...

He is so sweet and I would love to take him but ....

Whoever adopts Timmy will get one very special peke Linda !