Thursday, May 31, 2012


Beau-Beau and Lolli-pop are two of the sweetest foster dogs. They were with me awhile and then went to their foster home. They both love it there!His foster moms ordered bulbs from our fund raiser last year-- and they said they "grew a Pekingese." haha Looks like Beau-Beau has a fun place to sit. I have the same ivy in my yard. Maybe he thought he came back here. Beau-Beau's ears and tail are growing out and he is such a beauty.The red bed is very popular there. Even Tori, the Doberman, likes it the best of all the beds there.Tori, I don't think you fit and I can see a Pekingese there waiting for you to get out of it. :-)Lolli-pop is usually in the red bed-- are you finished with it, Tori? Lolli-pop is a love-bug and just a hoot. She loves to play and run with the rest, but if no one is available, her red bed will do just fine as a toy. Here she is running with her friends Domino and Maggie. Click here: - YouTube Maybe it's empty now! I see Tori in front of the window. She doesn't have to stretch at all to see outside. Don't worry, Beau-Beau. Maybe they'll get you an ottoman. Or you can just go look out the back-- it's fun there, too.

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lady jicky said...

I just think its so funny to see that big Beau Beau in that little red bed!