Sunday, May 13, 2012


This is Gizmo/Gizzy. His owners moved and left him in the yard. (I know, you're shocked, so am I!)The landlord turned him in to a local high kill shelter. At the shelter, the kennels were hosed off WITH THE DOGS STILL IN THEM. So, the dogs got wet-- and cold. Cement and wet dogs do not make a comfy combination.We rescued him. He was filthy, wet underneath, but he knew something good was happening. (We got him out before his euthanasia day-- thank you to our wonderful helpers!)He was full of knots, dirt, fleas..... Don't you wonder how we keep a clean car! (hard work!)He looked out the window-- life was changing, he could tell.He turned a grateful face to his rescuer.Look at him now-- he went to Abingdon Pet Groomer. They did a wonderful job on him! And she wouldn't take any money for doing it. (If you would like to send her a thank you card, her address is: 223 Preston Street SW, Abingdon, VA 24210. Just think how surprised she would be if even one or two thank you cards came to her! Marie, the groomer, washed him, shaved him down, got rid of the mats, and talked to him lovingly the whole time. She even gave him little temporary burgundy highlights to begin his new life! (Does she do people- I could use some of those. What do you think?)He felt so good to be clean that he rolled around in the seat. Now you can see all his beautiful colors.Roll over, Gizzy! Happy Boy!A new life begins. On Saturday, he was transported to Roanoke for his vetting with Lucinda and Roger and then he'll go on to the Hampton Roads area for fostering with Tiffany. His life will never be the same as it was before-- Thank you to all who made this possible! One email that was sent to me said this: "Onward and upward for Gizzy! No need to look back for him...he's onto better things! This is why Princess and I continue to support. We love hearing stories about pekes given a well-deserved second chance." Thank you-- we couldn't do it without you!


lady jicky said...

Happy Mothers Day to you all!!

Yes - its Mothers Day here in Australia and what a lovely post about Mr Gizzy!!!
So happy for him and I shall be sending a note to the groomer Linda!!!

LuLu Tszyan said...

Thanks for sharing Gizzy's story! I just mailed a thank you card to the groomer today. Gestures of kindness should not go unnoticed :)

Doris Sturm said...

Awww...what a lovely success story. I have a soft spot for Gizzys since I still mourn the passing of mine. I wish I could have him. I so want another Peke boy, but not now.

Thanks for helping him. He did not deserve to be left behind.